Community Development

Shared use kitchen fundraiser in willimantic

CLick shared use kitchen fundraiser in Willimantic

UCAN believes in the principles of community-driven development and assists groups that want to develop projects. With support from the Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF), UCAN staff members have assisted a number of groups in Connecticut.

For example, residents of Greater Willimantic want to develop a shared use commercial kitchen that provides space for food based entrepreneurs to process their products in commercially licensed space for sale to the public. Currently many people attempt to operate out of their home kitchens. This practice limits their business potential and at a certain point is illegal. The kitchen will allow people to grow their businesses without the initial heavy investment of the kitchen equipment.

CEDF will offer the budding business owners capital, business skills training, and business consultants. The project, called CLiCK (Commercially Licensed Cooperative Kitchen), is a 501©3 non-profit and currently is raising funds to open the kitchen.

UCAN staff works with community members, performing tasks to keep the process moving in order to realize their vision.