HIstorySince its founding in 1978, UCAN has a proud record of empowering people, training leaders and building communities in Connecticut in the following ways:

Building organizations that empower people:

  • Developed of over twenty community organizing groups in Connecticut.
  • Established several state wide coalitions including United Seniors in Action, Caring Families Coalition and Create Change.

Winning issues that change public policy:

  • Passed SustiNet, a statewide approach to reform of Connecticut’s health care system.
  • Passed ConnPACE, a state program to assist seniors pay for prescription drugs.
  • Passed legislation mandating community rating for all Medicare Supplement policies sold in Connecticut.

Creating innovative projects that offer people opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their lives:

  • Designed the award-winning comprehensive Community Problem Solving system in Hartford.
  • Created the Trinity Center for Neighborhoods to connect neighborhood residents with Trinity College in Hartford.
  • Created, along with the City of Hartford and the Connecticut Judicial Department, the Community Court so that Hartford residents could solve quality of life concerns.

Training community leaders and organizers:

  • Offered a twenty week training program for new organizers.
  • Created an internship program to recruit and train Black and Latino organizers.
  • Offered leadership training workshops to over thirty state and national groups.
  • Created a Director Training Program to assist non-profit workers prepare for management roles in their organizations.
  • Provided consultation to over twenty Executive Directors of community organizing groups.

Assisting community driven projects for economic and community development:

  • Provided assistance to Thread City Development Corporation in Willimantic, CT to establish a Visitor’s Center in the Windham Textile Museum, a pilot façade program for Main Street Buildings, a butterfly garden in vacant space on Main Street.
  • Assisted the Town of Wethersfield with the implementation of the Preserve American Master Plan for Old Wethersfield.
  • Developed a Community Forum with the Wethersfield Mayor, Town Manager, and Assistant Town Manager on the Town Budget and Capital Improvement Projects